About Us

Wainer - Center of Behavioral Cognitive Psychotherapy. Working for the mankind growth.

Wainer is a scientific and professional organization dedicated to the development of Behavioral- Cognitive Psychotherapy, as well as the development from their patients, students, collaborators and the society as a whole.

Wainer has the mission to offer in ethic, safe and effective way, services on the fields of psychotherapy, education, research, trainings and consultancy.

A 40 year history

Wainer was found in 2004, continuing the work developed since 1973 by the CEIH- Center of evolution and human integration ltda. Since then, the institution became a national reference in Behavioral-Cognitive Psychotherapy.

Nowadays, Wainer counts with wide group of professionals, all of them post graduated lato sensu and/or stricto sensu on the clinic psychology, psychiatry and neuropsychology fields. Besides offering services for the mental health with excellence and quality, also Wainer is a formation center, offering several professional improvement courses and specialization course on Behavioral Cognitive Psychotherapy, certified by the MEC and authorized by the Federal Counsel of Psychology.