Human Resources Consultancy

Wainer is a scientific and professional organization specialized on the human development. It aims to ally concepts, experiences and affections, in an integrated vision of the human being and o the reach of ethic results. Our experience on this branch translates the efficiency and commitment of a company which believes on the human potentials. It´s been over 40 years of organizational psychology consultancy, and we are the only company on the state focused on the Human Resources Consultancy following the Cognitive- Behavioral approach, turning it into a differential on the market that Wainer is in.

The unit offers the following services on the Human Resources Consultancy for other companies:
- Specialized Selection
- Potential Evaluation
- Performance Evaluation
- Interpersonal Competences
- Functional Accompaniment
- Executive Coaching
- Career Planning
- Behavioral Training
- Research and Diagnoses of the Organizational Environment

Specialized Selection

Wainer assists your organization on the precise survey for professionals who assist the peculiarities on the offered charges, by the use of specific methodology. The process of personal selection that Wainer applies is based on scientifically proved techniques which look to evaluate and select professionals with quickness and efficiency, which unites the essential abilities from the candidates towards culture and the strategic objectives from our clients.

Potential Evaluation

Wainer gives the possibility of creating an individual behavioral profile, glancing the hoped competencies, like planning and control, leadership, decision-making, interpersonal relationship, styles of leadership and motivation. Meantime this procedure is possible to identify talents, the career planning allied to the integrated goals of the organization and from the individual, as well as the promotion and formation of heirs.

Performance Evaluation

Wainer considers that performance evaluation helps on the identification of needs and qualification, to determine the potential and the remuneration management of the collaborator. Through these, it is possible to provide elements to reflection and development of personal organization talents, identify supervision problems, management problems, and adequacy from the person in charge, besides the identification of training dissonances. So, after the implantation of this kind of evaluation our client will note improvement on the organization in relation to the work and the life quality.

Interpersonal Competences

The programs of interpersonal competences development that Wainer embraces is based in a dynamic process that identifies the individual characteristics from each professional, revealing behavioral, techniques specific abilities aspects. This process makes the individual more qualified in its functions, improving its conducts, its roll as a professional and, consequently, increasing its performance inside the company.

Functional Accompaniment

The functional accompaniment adopted by Wainer covers the experience period, in which the collaborator is found in an adaptive stage until cases of promotion, relocation and transference. The acceptance of this technique in companies shows responsibility on Personnel Management, becoming a differential to reduce possible cost from layoffs by the difficulty of adaption from the new collaborators.

Executive Coaching

Wainer develops specific programs to the coaching development with the goal of inner growth and benefits to the group, using modern tools on the human development field. Wainer has the methodology that looks to train and guide the collaborator following the work environment reality, looking to eliminate the obstacles to the professional performance.

Career Planning

Career planning is a continuous process that involves as much the employee as the organization, looking to attend the goals and interests from both parts, providing to the organization, coordination and control from the actions that should be delivered by the collaborator during a certain amount of time. Wainer believes, that is through the career planning, that is to know the limitations from the individual and define a goal and focus to this collaborator, turning the decision making process from the management and fro the people easier by the identification of growing opportunities inside the organization.

Behavioral Training

The Wainer behavioral trainings that are developed are built according to our client needs, without giving away the present market demands, which demand specific abilities such as motivation, social abilities, efficiency on communication, interpersonal relationship between staff and directors, and others.

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Alguns clientes atendidos:

Dioneia Luciane Mendes

● Psicóloga (07/08594);
● Mestre em Psicologia Clínica (PUC-RS);
● Especialista em Psicoterapia Cognitivo-Comportamental (Wainer Psicologia);
● Professora do Curso de Psicologia (FACOS);
● Professora do Curso de Psicoterapia Cognitiva Comportamental (Wainer Psicologia Cognitiva);
● Professora do Curso de Graduação em Psicologia e Pós-Graduação em Administração (Ulbra, 2001-2013);
● Psicóloga Organizacional na Wainer Psicologia Cognitiva;
● Atua na área de Avaliacao psicológica, psicologia clínica e consultoria em gestão de pessoas.

Gilnéia Cristina Mendes Wainer

● Psicóloga (07/20039);
● Especialista em Psicoterapia Cognitivo-Comportamental (Wainer Psicologia Cognitiva);
● Formação em Terapia do Esquema (Wainer Psicologia Cognitiva - NYC Institute for Schema Therapy);
● Facilitadora do programa Friends de prevenção e tratamento de Transtornos de Ansiedade na infância e Adolescência, Pathwayshrc, Austrália, AU;
● Consultora em Recursos Humanos (Wainer Psicologia Cognitiva);
● Graduada em Ciências Jurídicas (OAB 44356).