The WP has a highly capacitated team of psychiatrists with solid training in psychopharmacology, psychopathology and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for psychiatric evaluation and care, as well as psychopharmacological monitoring necessary in some cases of patients of psychologists.

In order to provide the best results for their patients, the WP Clinic of Psychiatry offer combined treatments (CBT + psychopharmacology) for various emotional and behavioral difficulties. This is in line with the most up-to-date and validated protocols developed by the mental health scientific community. So the WP clients have, in one place, a complete service focused on their needs.

The unit provides the following mental health services:
- Psychiatric Care
- Psychopharmacological monitoring
- Integrated Treatment

Psychiatric Care

The WP Clinic offers to its patients a complete diagnostic evaluation, including differential diagnosis, laboratory exams and judicious pharmacological prescriptions.

Psychopharmacological monitoring

The psychopharmacological monitoring is in line with the psychotherapy conducted by the psychologists, favoring the integration and complementarity among the treatments and the safety and comfort of patients.

Integrated Treatment

Patients have access to regular psychiatric monitoring, at regular intervals and according to each case.