WP is a center of psychotherapy with excellence on the Behavioral – Cognitive approach. WP attends patients from all groups of age, having specialist to work with children and teenagers, as well with adults and elderly.

With its own headquarters and modern and specific installations for each kind of requested service, WP aims to provide and ethic and scientific service to its clients, looking to maximize the therapy effects for which the clients will have better results in a shorter amount of time.

Those are possible by the Behavioral cognitive Therapy (BCT), which has as one of its characteristics the obtainment and the abbreviation of pain/ symptoms that in a short amount of time and maintenance of the therapeutic gains post treatment to the wide line of psychological/ emotional difficulties (Roth & Fonagy, 2006).

The main classes of difficulties that make the clients search for WP are, humor disorder, problems with alcohol and other drugs, sexual and relationship difficulties, couple and families conflicts, besides the typical problems when a child or teenager.

The unity offers the following psychotherapist services:
- Individual Psychotherapy
- Therapeutic Groups
- Psychological Evaluation


At WP it is realized individual psychotherapy appointments utilizing Behavioral- Cognitive Therapy (BCT), which is considered the most efficient psychotherapy in several disorders, including Depression, Phobias, Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Addiction, Nervous Anorexia, Nervous Bulimia, Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactive, among others (American Psychological Association, 1998), and, for being a short and focused term treatment, it has as one of its characteristics a reduced treatment duration.

The sessions can be realizes at WP headquarters that presents the best conditions to guarantee the well-being, security, privacy and discretion.

The WP professionals can also have appointments in hospitals, companies and at home, following the needs of each case scenario.

Due to the specific indication of combined treatments to several mental disorders, the WP offers psychopharmacological treatment and psychiatric evaluation coupled to psychotherapy appointments, aiming to optimize the time and the treatment efficiency potentiating the therapy results.


WP counts with specialized professionals in psychological and neuropsychological evaluations. These evaluations developed by WP help psychiatrists, psychologists, pedagogues and educational supervisors on the diagnoses and indication to the therapeutic approach for your patients and/or students. Informed by the last progress on testing and psychological diagnoses, the WP professionals are qualified to use several tools, always providing a personalized and adjusted evaluation to the needs from the applicant.


A Wainer Psicologia Cognitiva conta com profissionais aptos a realizar atendimento psicoterápico de casais. A Terapia de Casal é uma modalidade psicoterápica que visa auxiliar casais que estejam passando por momentos de dificuldade. Para tal, são utilizadas uma série de técnicas cognitivo-comportamentais e da Terapia do Esquema que tem como objetivo melhorar a comunicação do casal, gerar um maior conhecimento da demanda do outro e, por fim, a reaproximação e consolidação do vínculo.